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"Whenever I make a purchase of a rather expensive item I first investgate its quality and reliability. Like you I desire the peace of mind knowing I have purchased something well made that will last. RM Products are built with heavy durable materials and use the finest drive train components available. However, when it comes to reliability I will let these products speak for themselves."
                                                                                                                      Jerry Chapman
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2016 Endurance Test
The stand on the right is the very first (Prototype A) built in 1987
Seneca, South Carolina

The stand on the left is Serial No 001
(Prototype B) built in 1988
Anderson, South Carolina

Both are still in Service today
Use of Rubber Coupling in design

We use a flexible (rubber) coupling in our stands for one of the reasons many fine Automobile Companies use flexible rubber timing belts.
Less Noise
These engineers could use solid timing chains but they choose the much quieter rubber timing belt.
So should you purchase a new Lexus LS460 it will likely cost you around $75000.00 and what an amazing automobile. Debbie and I really enjoy our 2004 LS430. However, these cars have a rubber timing belt that will need to be changed at 100000 miles. (Service charge $1000.00) And if the belt should break it will cause extreme damage to the engine.
So in comparison keep this in mind, if a coupling should break in one of our stands it will only cost about $35.00 and a little of  your time to repair. And NO damage will    ever occur to the motor or any other part.