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PARTS for Remote Mast 
 Improved Flexible Coupling-------------49.95
Guide Pin Assembly--------------------- 30.00
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Atlas Stands & Booms
12 V DC Electronic Power Supply-------------25.00 
3 Ft HD Extension Wire---------------------------12.50
Chapman Machine is an authorized ATLAS dealer
Atlas MS-20E (black) HD Stand ----------------------------93.50     
Atlas MS-20 (chrome) HD Stand----------------------------93.50     
PB15EB (black) HD Boom ----------------------------------- 47.95

PB15CH (chrome) HD Boom---------------------------------47.95
MS-10C   Economy Stand-------------------------------------37.95
MS-10CE Economy Stand-------------------------------------37.95
MS-12C   Economy Stand------------------------------------ 45.95
MS-12CE Economy Stand------------------------------------45.95
Atlas MS-20E (Black) HD Stand---------------------------- 93.50
TM-1E Twin Microphone Mount----------------------------24.95
GN-13E  13" Gooseneck (2 Required)-------------(2)@ 18.00
Microphone Holder (2 Required)-------------------(2)@ 19.95
Install Options
( Includes Modifications to Motor with installed motor mount, thrust bearing, flexiable coupling and electrical jack.)
Motor Assembly------------------------------  250.00
Some KH stands are noisier than others. Here is something you can do to quiet down the sound coming from the stand. Buy a  plastic tube designed to protect a 4 foot fluorescent light bulb. These are available at Lowe's and Home depot. Cut off a 14 inch section, then make one cut to open the tube from top to bottom.  Spread the tube apart and place it over the front slot of the stand column.
I found this to help
Jerry Chapman
Help with noise from Stands
NEW HD Control for 2014
Standard KH Control------------------------- 115.00
Hand Hard Wired with HD Rocker Switch
   Aluminum & Steel Enclosure       
See YouTube. Search for (RM Coupling)
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We have improved the RM Flexible Coupling

You may never again need to replace a
Remote Mast Coupling

We added two steel roll pins and a rubber washer.
We also include a spacer to correct mast travel issues. These modifications eliminate excessive twisting, stretching and compressing of the already flexible material. The added rigidity allows the circuit breaker in the power supplies to act more effectively. And yet the coupling retains its ability to eliminate vibration.

Installing this improved coupling requires removing the motor end cap to set bearing end play. This can be rather daunting but we supply easy to follow instructions. 
Or another option
Follow the instructions to the right
and ship the motor assembly to us and we will install the improved coupling and ship it back to you. 

19.95 + 49.95 for coupling + 15.00 shipping

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To have us replace the coupling 

1) Remove the (3) set screws in the   column just above the base.

2) Remove the electrical jack nut

3) Pull the motor out by slightly twisting

4) With a screw driver pushing against the broken coupling, turn the Drive Screw out until you can remove the broken piece.

DO NOT turn the drive screw out more than 6-7 Inches  

Box the motor assembly and ship to

RM Products
203 Leawood Ave
Anderson, SC 29621