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Extra Wireless Control               Sale 75.00 + US shipping
    (EMC / FCC)
Best to purchase along with the first control as it will need to be programed to
       the same receiver. We will program both before shipping.
The Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications at will. 
International Buyers Information
Model CD Standard    Dual Axis         Sale   1399.95 +
                                                                           US Shipping

Model KH Standard   Wired         799.95 + US Shipping
  For 25 years this popular model has made microphone adjustment an              
   effortless task. The control is generally placed near the sound adjustments
   area and a wire is installed from there to the stage. 
   Includes--Motorized stand, Boom, Shock Mount, Push button                                                    Control, Power Supply, Floor Plate, Coiled extension wire
                        (Rack Mounted Control available on request. Not in stock)
                        Installation wire ( 2 Conductor 22ga--18ga Not supplied)
               Note: The Standard KH Model can easily be upgraded to wireless

Model KHW Wireless                Sale   899.95 + US Shipping
     (EMC / FCC Approved)    See Document
  This is Model KH with a wireless FM 433 MHZ Transmitter and Receiver
   The Receiver is wall mounted. Requires a 12 V DC Power Supply
   Includes--Motorized Stand w/FM 433 receiver, Power Supply, Boom,
                         Shock Mount, floor plate, Wireless Control  w/wall mounted                                      holder and lanyard connection.
Model KHWB Wireless / Battery      Sale  995.00 + Shipping
       (EMC / FCC )
  This model is a completely free of any tethered wires. It has an 12 V DC
    Battery Pack and can be operated with the battery or with a power
    supply. ( Very usefull at Conventions and Concerts)
                                                           No wires to route and set up
    Includes--Motorized Stand w/FM 433 Receiver, 12 V Battery Pack,
                         (2) 12 V Batteries, Battery Charger, Power Supply, Boom,
                         Shock Mount, Wireless Control w/wall mounted holder and
                         lanyard connection.
                        Additional Controls may be ordered and programmed to                                        operate the same stand.

    Batteries are Black & Decker and are readily available World Wide
                                                                               at major consumer stores.
Additional controls may be ordered and programed to operate the
                   same stand. A second control can easily be intergrated into a
                   lectern, giving the person at the lectern the ability to adjust
                   microphone as desired.
This model has verticle and horizontal movement for conditions
         where sound control is very critical.

Standard 12"  of Verticle Travel.
            4 1/2" of Horizontal Travel
Battery Life: In our tests one charged 12 V DC battery allowed for 600 cycles
                          One cycle equals from lowest point to highest point and back to                                    lowest point.
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